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We are your premium, family operated Taekwondo school.

At Gajog we are dedicated to helping improve the lives of everyone we encounter, through martial arts.  We provide a positive and supportive structure in which a student can push themselves to physically and mentally do more then they thought possible.  

The education of martial arts that you or your child will gain with us at Gajog Tae Kwon Do, is more than kicks and breaking boards.  We strive to instill confidence, respect, courtesy, and indominable spirit in each of our students, resulting in stronger upstanding citizens in our community. 

Gajog is the Korean word for “Family” and at Gajog Tae Kwon Do we think of every student as part of our family. The staff prides themselves in caring for our students that way we care for our own family; with love and respect.

 After deciding to open a TKD school, we took some time to think about the great martial arts community that is already present in our valley and we know that our strength comes from our family.  We are good at being a family. We are understanding. We are protective. We are caring. We are empathetic. We are strong.  We are supportive. We know how much work it takes to be a parent, a spouse, a sibling, a cousin, and aunt, and an uncle. We depend on our family unit, on our community, to help pull us up when we are low and to be there with us to help us celebrate our exciting moments. At Gajog we do this as a TKD Family and as an extended family to so many of our friends and community members.

Along with being a school that is committed to excellence while teaching TKD, we are also a school that is focused on building a strong future for our children. 

We look forward to walking the journey to Black Belt with each and every one of you.

We understand the importance of teamwork and how being part of a team can help you perform better. All of our members benefit from being together.

We’d love to have you join us. Get in touch to find out more.

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