Gajog Team

Co- Owner/ Lead Instructor: Travis Dedrick

Owner and Lead Instructor, Travis Dedrick, has a passion for all things Tae Kwon Do as well as a love for the people in the Rogue Valley. Mr. Dedrick started to study Tae Kwon Do in 2000 , right here in Central Point and received his Black belt in 2007. Early in his TKD career, Mr. Dedrick started to help instruct other students which helped champion an intense love and sense of responsibility for Tae Kwon Do.

Co- Owner/ Program Director: Nicole Dedrick

Being the wife of Mr. Dedrick, Mrs. Dedrick has been involved with Gajog Tae Kwon Do all the way back to the days of planning. She has seen the fire that ignites inside martial artists and has taken a vow to foster that feeling for many generations to come. She has been taking classes for almost a year and enjoys watching others achieve new ranks.

Instructor: Everett Smith

Mr. Everett started him path in Gajog by enrolling his oldest son in classes. After watching this son for a few months, Everett joined as a student. Mr. Everret has advanced greatly on his path to Black Belt and has shown his commitment to his lessons, Gajog, and the students. Mr. Everret has advanced so much he is now a TNT (Teacher in Training) and works with Mr. Dedrick in the “littles” class. Black Belt, here we come!

Instructor : Micheal Wood

Mr. Mike joined Gajog TaeKwonDo as a student to better himself. Since joining he has greatly enjoyed following Mr. Dedrick on an instructor path. Not only does Mr. Mike help with our “littles” class as a TNT but he is also a member of our Marketing team, helping with video recording and production. He is always the first one to help and has been a great example of who we are here at Gajog.

Marketing Specialist: Oriana Henney

Oriana has been a member of the Gajog team since 2018. Oriana grew up right here in Central Point and has known Mr. and Mrs. Dedrick together since 2005. She is actively involved in the TKD Cardio Fitness class and greatly enjoys it. “It has been an honor to see Mr. Dedrick share his passion and open up Gajog. His excitement for the school and the students is clear”.

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